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"What Brought You Here Is What Will Take You There"

Are You Ready To Scale Your Business To $100K Per Month?

If The Answer Is YES Read On ...

So here you are, reading this page, ready to make a huge change to your business. Congratulations!

And I really mean this! As not everyone makes it all the way to this page. What you are about to see is the light at the end of the tunnel. The final destination on the journey that we have been on together for the last few weeks.

And if you are still unsure what I am talking about then read on, as this is about to blow your mind!

Depending on how long you have had me on your radar will depend on how much you know about the way that I market. But let me tell you right now that it is completely different to how all others do it.

I believe that a conversation is the most powerful tool that we have in our arsenal, yet no one is talking about it. Everyone is so consumed by the sale that they become marketing robots, working the system, jumping from one guru to the next, one lightweight dream to another, without even knowing that they are doing it.

But what if I were to tell you that there was another way? What if I were to tell you that this other way will get you to stop selling, and start letting people buy? That would be powerful, right?

Well believe it or not this exactly how I run my businesses. Think about how you first connected with me. Was it through an offer, a promotion, was it even through a lead magnet? I can tell you that it certainly wasn't. I know how every single member of my audience first connected with me. And I know when they will buy from me too. Powerful.

Want $10,000 Today?

Seriously, how would you like to earn $10,000 today? What's the catch? All I need you to do is speak to someone who is interested in working with you, understands how amazing your product and service is, and knows/is happy to pay what you charge!

Now imagine if I could create you a machine that generated you these types of people. Imagine if I could hand you between 30 and 40 of these leads per month. People who know who you are, love your product or service, know your prices, and want to speak with you to confirm the deal. How much would this be worth to you? A potential revenue of $300,000 to $400,000 every single month.

There is a reason I don't share this page with everyone. There is a reason that you are here right now. You have jumped through a number of hoops that I have provided you with, without even knowing it. My machine has done its work. It has brought in 100 people, it has filtered these down to an average of 20, and it has sent them here. You are one of these 20. And this happens on a daily basis.

It filters through the crowd using a micro-transaction concept, placing roadblocks in the potential customers way, working on emotional triggers as opposed to selling techniques. You need to remember that people buy their way out of their situation and not into your product. The machine is hard coded with this philosophy in mind.

The great thing about the machine is that once programmed it needs no maintenance. It takes no breaks. It asks for nothing in return. Once you press the button the machine starts to do its thing until you stop it. 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

It's Time To Get Serious!

Let's lay our cards on the table right now. I have built over 40 six-figure businesses for my clients throughout my career. I currently own 2 courses that both generate a six-figure monthly income. I own 2 consultancy programs, 1 that makes a seven-figure monthly income, the other that hits a consistent six-figure monthly revenue.

But who cares about what I own. What you care about is what I can do for you. So let's discuss that ...

I know how to create a high ticket product. I know how to build the worlds best conversation based marketing funnel. Let's face it, I wrote the book! And I know how to take your product or service to six-figures per month in less than 90-days. So this is what I am going to do:

STEP 01: The Strategy

We are going to start by getting on a strategy call. There is no time limit to this call, we take as long as needed. On this call, I am going to break down your entire company, marketing plan, brand, and strategy. I am going to restructure everything so that my team can rebuild it in the way it needs to be built.

We will look at your brand strategy, your marketing campaigns, and your scalability. We will use this to build the best possible version of your company.

STEP 02: The Rebuild

My team build all my campaigns. They are the best in the industry at what they do. My team becomes your team. They are going to rebuild your entire company based on the new strategy that we have created together.

They are going to reposition you as a leader in your industry. They are going to make you stand out from the crowd, cut through the noise, and build the tools you need to execute your new strategy. The team are going to be your biggest business asset.

STEP 03: The Marketing Plan

Your new marketing plan is the money machine that forms the essential core of your success. It creates the formula you need to succeed, and it is as simple as:

VF + (TG + WC) = PROFIT$

You already understand the importance of this. You have been through this formula. This formula is what brought you here and is the formula that will take you to where you have always dreamed of being. 

This is the formula that will generate you a consistent flow of pre-qualified leads on a daily basis. The same formula that will give you the opportunity to generate between $300,000 and $400,000 per month.

My team will build out your entire marketing campaign. They will produce your layered video funnels, they will define and build your lead scoring blueprint, they will implement your multi-funnel architecture, they will write your content, they will create and distribute your press releases. My team are powered by your results.

STEP 04: The Scalability

You will receive monthly consultancy calls with me and my team to ensure that you are held accountable for the work that you need to complete in order to scale your new business. These calls will be the lifeblood of your brand strategy.

They will be used to show you how to close more sales, how to ensure that you are hitting your scalability targets, and work with you to drive the business forward. We are your business partners. Your success is our success!

STEP 05: The Support

Alongside your VIP Invite to the LEEAP Annual Hawaii Retreat, you will be plugged into our exclusive private group app for extra support and guidance. You will have access to our personal contact details. We will become your business partners for the next 90-days and beyond.

You will have full control of your company, full control of your clients, full control of your data. You will be at the helm of your own ship, but we will navigate you through calm waters and show you how to avoid the stormy seas that sink so many.

Define Your Destiny

There are two types of people in this world. There are those who mow their own lawns, and there are those who don't.

We are the best in the world at what we do. We will work with you to generate you a six-figure income over the next 90-days. But this isn't for everyone.

Let me tell you something that I have come to realize over the last 18 years of working with CEO's, Executives, and Entrepreneurs. Business is easy - only people are hard. Businesses cannot fail, they do not exist to fail. Only people fail.

I want to also make it very clear that we can't work with everyone. Our application process requires you to speak with one of my consultants before we can assess your application. We do this so that we are 100% confident that you are the right fit for us. That you are going to be willing to do the work we tell you to do. That you are hungry, and that you are willing to do whatever it takes to allow your business to succeed.

And you need to be confident that we are the right fit for you and your company. You need to ensure that our working relationship is going to be a positive experience. This is why we include this free consultancy call here, as opposed to a simple Buy It Now button.

And as I mentioned previously I am not like other consultants, other marketers, other guru nice guys. I prefer to be open and honest with you from the start!

So here's the deal ...

01: Your Current Marketing Budget

You need to have a marketing budget. We don't have time to teach you the importance of marketing - I have courses for this that may be a better fit for you!

You must be currently spending/willing to spend a minimum of $1,000 per month on your advertising campaigns. This is much lower than most consultants want you spending because they need as much financial collateral as possible to get their marketing plans to work. We don't. Period.

02: Your Experience & Knowledge

You must have knowledge and experience in your industry. You must have had sales of your products and services. We do not have time for start-up businesses. It is our mission to get you to six-figures within the first 90-days, and we cannot do this if all our time is spent testing products and creating logos!

Your business must be a business, not an idea. I have courses that cover the entry level for entrepreneurs and trust me, these would be a much better fit for you until you start building an actual business.

03: Your Willingness To Succeed

You have got to want this. I don't mean love the idea, I mean really want it. I mean want it so bad that you are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. I don't have time for time wasters. My team cost money, I cost money, you cost money. Wasting time only delays the process, so you must be 100% committed to making a change to your business.


04: Your ROI 

Becoming one of our VIP Consultancy Clients costs $10,000 for 90-days PLUS 20% of revenue generated throughout this period.

Tight on cashflow? Then why not spead the cost over 3 months at just $3,500 per month.

What's more, your success is our success. We have kept the joining fee for this consultancy program at its absolute lowest, allowing us to create a mutual benefit 'performance based' fee structure.

This allows you to better manage your cash flow, and gives you the confidence that we are fighting your corner in order to take home a commissions payment at the end of the week!

Are You In Or Are You Out?

It's now or never. All it takes is the push of a button and within the next few hours you will be on the phone with one of my consultants who will discuss your business in more detail. They will answer any of the questions you have about our service and help with any problems you are having in your business right now.

And if you feel that we would be a good fit and that you would be happy for us to take your business to the next level then we will work together and that will be great. If you don't and you would prefer to go at it alone then that will be great too.

We know that we can make your business a success, but it has to be the right fit. Are you ready to find out?


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