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  • Find out the 4 main categories of quiz and why they are essential to generating the maximum amount of leads in the shortest time possible
  • Discover the difference between indirect and direct marketing by using quizzes and calculators in your business to drive thousands of buyer ready leads
  • ​Understand the power of creating custom audiences that are stronger than you could ever imagine possible
  • ​Learn how to take away the uncertainty of paid advertising by simply adding just 1 of the 101 examples into your business
  • ​Discover how one quiz has generated over 1,000,000 leads by asking the same question over and over – without any variation whatsoever
  • ​Understand the possibilities of generating thousands of leads and selling those leads to companies who are willing to pay you a 5 figure per week invoice
  • Unleash the power of using a simple calculator on your website to change your page views into confirmed sales calls with just the click of a few buttons
  • Remove the stress of trying to understand who your audience are, what they want, and when they want it, with a simple quiz that you can replicate within just a few minutes
  • Discover how you can take one simple quiz concept and generate leads for multiple industries and niches, regardless of what topic the quiz is focussed around
  • ​Lean how to drive targeted traffic to your offers with a simple calculator that converts at rates of over 80% within the first 2 questions
  • ​Find out why people will share their most personal data with you, regardless of the questions you ask, with one simple phrase in your headline
  • Understand how to use a simple answer formula that will literally clone your leads by providing them with a reason to share their results with all their friends and family
  • ​Learn the secret to receiving thousands of email addresses every single week from people who know what your product is, want what your product is, and have told you when they are ready to buy
  • ​Discover how you can earn multiple stream affiliate income even when someone leaves your quiz without answering all questions
  • ​Find out how to position your quizzes to gain maximum exposure on a complete shoestring budget, regardless of how engaging your topic is
  • ​Understand the difference between a static and a conversational style quiz and calculator, and which one will be the best at generating leads for your company
  • ​Learn how big brands are using quizzes to drive more sales of their less popular items and how to plug the same concept into your business in order to profit from your no qualify products
And So Much More ...
Still not sure that quizzes and calculators will generate leads for your business? Don't have a business and can't relate to how generating thousands of leads every week can allow you to introduce a new income stream? Check out the results my students are getting by using quizzes and calculators to sell leads to their clients.

That Is What My Students Have Done With The Power That Is Inside This Book. The Question Is


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Get Your Copy Of 101 Lead Generation Quizzes Swipe File Today For Just $7!

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