Episode #4: The Conversational Marketer Podcast - The What, The Why, And The When


Hey what’s up family, welcome to The Conversational Marketer Podcast!!

Thank you so much for checking in with me today and joining the conversation, as always, I have my coffee here with me, and I am ready for some serious talk, where today we will be diving deeper into the main subject of this episode - ‘The What, The Why, and The When’

Let’s Chat About That  …

So here we are again, another episode in the bag, and I have to say that I am really enjoying creating this podcast! I have said this so many times, but content is king! Gary V says it so much better than I do, in that ‘You are only one piece of content away from becoming an influencer’ - and this is so true.

So how do you create great content? If only there was a blueprint for creating content that your audience just loves to consume. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Well my friends there is. And today we are going to be talking about how to achieve this!

Let’s start where all good conversations start, with the story …

A week ago I was scrolling through my Facebook Newsfeed when all of a sudden up popped an ad for a web design company. This ad told me that ‘Mr. Nice Guy Web Design’ had a sale running, and I could get an amazing website plus hosting and domain name from as little as x amount of pounds per month. Thanks, Mr. Nice Guy Web Design!

I have said this before - Facebook Ads are Interruption Marketing. No one goes on Facebook to look through their Newsfeed to find the latest web design deals. But this doesn’t mean that web design agencies can’t become very profitable from running Facebook Ads.

I go back to what I said in last week's episode - It is not the Tool that is the obsession, it is the Message. It is not that they used Facebook Ads to promote their deal. It is that they didn’t get the message right. So no matter what tool they use, their results will always be the same.

These are a perfect client for me to work with. Let me tell you why …

When creating amazing content you need to focus on the 3W’s technique. This stands for The What, The Why, and The When.

If we take the Mr. Nice Guy Web Design ad as an example, you can see that they have got one of the W’s right - the What!

When you are scrolling through your Newsfeed today take note of the ads that you see. I can guarantee you that the majority of them will focus on the What. What do they do? What offer you can get. What sale or promotion they have running.

Imagine if they were to introduce the Why …

Why does your potential audience Need Your Product or Service? Here is a hard fact - just because you care about how important your product or service does not mean that your potential customer does. Especially when they are sitting on Facebook scrolling through their Newsfeed.

So why does your potential customer need your product? Why do I need a website with hosting and domain name from Mr. Nice Guy Web Designer? And most important of all - why do I need it at 4:15 pm on Tuesday when I am scrolling through my Newsfeed?

And here is the key to creating amazing content - The When.

I have created a marketing philosophy like no other. I don’t just mean the Conversational element to it, I mean the whole technique. My marketing hits my potential customer as soon as they have watched just 10 seconds of any one of the videos I have out in the internet universe. And it works if they choose to do what I want them to do, or if they don’t. There is nothing else like it out there today.

And it allows me to understand my potential customer more than any other marketer understands theirs. If someone is viewing one of my Facebook Ads at 4:15 pm on a Tuesday then there is a reason why they are viewing it at the time and on that date.

And this is where the When comes into place. When does your potential customer need your product and service? The when is what will change everything in your campaigns.

There are three buyer personas that you need to concentrate on. These are categorized as People who are willing to buy right now, People who are willing to buy within the next 3 - 6 months, and people who are willing to buy within the next year.

Most people go for the people who are ready to buy right now. The problem with this is that everyone else is going for these people too!! And here is where the Gurus get their collateral. They teach you how to succeed at marketing by targeting the low hanging fruit. And guess what? The low hanging fruit only need to see the What! However, your ad gets lost in the crowd!!

We don’t want to go for the people who are ready to buy within the next year as this is our long game plan - and we will talk about that in another episode. So we have the people who are willing to buy within the next 3 - 6 months left. Most people will avoid this category as they have already failed in their business, so who has time to wait for 3 to 6 months, right? Wrong!

Just because these people are willing to buy within the next 3 to 6 months does not mean that we will have them buying within 3 to 6 months! Let me introduce you to a little technique called ‘Switching on the Emotional Triggers’.

We all have emotional triggers, and advertisers have been playing to these triggers for years! You ever notice the music that they play in the stores and malls? Do a quick YouTube search for ‘Product Placement in Movies’ and you will see exactly what I mean. If you are not easily offended check out ‘Subliminal Messaging in Advertisements’.

High-end advertising agencies have been making high profits for their clients for years by playing to Emotional Triggers. So what does this have to do with the When? I will say it again - When does your potential customer need your product?

What needs to have happened in their business or their life for them to NEED you. NEED YOU! You hear the difference? Not just want your product or service, but NEED your product or service!

So let’s go back to Mr. Nice Guy Web Designer. In his ad, he told me What he had to offer me. He didn’t tell me why I needed his service, and he doesn’t know when I need his service.

Imagine if he had told me What he did - We create a different kind of Website Platform.

Why I needed it - Traditional websites do not work. They focus on the design of the site and not the generation of leads.

When do I need it - You need this service when your current website is not performing.

You see the difference! The What and The Why form the content. The When will form the overriding theme of your message.

My content would be focussed around why the potential customer needs my website design because I understand that traditional web design doesn’t work. So here is What I do in my website design, here is what I do to make a difference. And here is why I am telling you this right now because I know when you need this information, I know that right now is the best time to tell you this information because I know that your current website is not performing. I know that you are not getting the leads you need in your business. I know that if you make the changes that I am telling you, the leads will start to flow.

How different is this to just telling me that you build websites and you can offer me a domain name and hosting? Who cares what you can offer me - so can a million others! You haven’t told me Why I need it or even contemplated if it is the right time to even tell me about your offer!

Get the What, the Why, and The When right, and people will see your content at the right time, meaning more engagement focus on the reasons why they need it, resulting in them wanting to know more about What you can do for them!

So I am going to be sharing my whole Marketing Formula with you because that is why I created this podcast. I want you guys to have the Machine that we build for our clients, teach in our courses, and I write in my books and speak about all around the world.

And next week I will be launching a brand new concept called ‘Funnel Build Live’, where some of my buddies and I will be choosing from one of you lucky listeners, my Facebook Page followers, and ChatBot Subscribers, and creating your entire campaign LIVE! The Funnel, The ChatBots, The Emails, The Capture Pages, and The Facebook Ads - and we have 60 minutes to build the entire campaign!!

PLUS - we will be giving the chosen client the fully built funnel absolutely free!! You do not want to miss this!!

So I want to thank you so much for chatting with me today and let me know what you think of our talk by leaving me a review below.

If you would like to find out more about how the power of conversation can have a dramatic effect on your business you can pre-order a copy of my latest book ‘Unleash The Power of Conversational Marketing’ over at my website at ScottHolroyd.com

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Links to all everything mentioned can be found over on my website and in the show notes below.

Thanks for chatting with me today, and until the episode - I will catch you in a bit!!


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