Episode #3: The Conversational Marketer Podcast - The Message Not The Tool


Hey what’s up family, welcome to The Conversational Marketer Podcast!!

Thank you so much for checking in with me today and joining the conversation, as always, I have my coffee here with me, and I am ready for some serious talk, where today we will be diving deeper into the main subject of this episode - ‘The Message Not The Tool’

Let’s Chat About That  …

Man what a journey I have had this week. Last Wednesday I flew to Los Angeles for the filming of our Live Business Reality Show - Money Motivates You. This is a two-day event and shows that we run every month to a live studio audience, and one of the main themes of the episode is what we will be chatting about today.

How many times have you asked yourself ‘what is the best platform for advertising my business?’. Let’s face it, when it comes to advertising platforms we are spoilt for choice! Personally, I use Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, but the list is endless.

Do you run SEO and Adwords on Google, should you be promoting on LinkedIn, maybe Twitter is the better option for your business? And then when you finally find the right platform, what do you advertise? Do you run traffic to your website, potential customers to your Facebook Page, or build an audience by giving away a free lead magnet? Once you have this confirmed you then have the issue of which medium to use! Video vs Images, long-form text vs a short overview, and so on and so on and so on …

So much opportunity and yet no structure in site. You would think they would make it easier for us right?!

Well, what if I told you that none of this was important! What if I told you that these ‘Tools’ were irrelevant. Because that is all they are - Marketing tools. And to be truly honest with you, your potential customers are going to hang out on pretty much all of the main platforms anyway - so why obsess!

And I get it if you are sat thinking that I have lost my mind right now because all those nice guy marketers out there are making a killing from their thousand dollar courses that teach you how to master the tool. And don’t get me wrong, understanding your marketing tools is vital to mastering your online campaigns, but it isn’t everything. It isn’t the basket for all your eggs!

So what should we be concentrating on? What should we be trying to master? Believe it or not, you already know the answer. You are experiencing the answer right this second. As the thing you need to master is the message, not the tool that promotes it!

Don’t become a master of the tool - become a master of the message.

Let me explain …

As you know I like to relate marketing to everyday life as it’s much easier to relate. So let’s say your friend sends you on a blind date with someone they know who would be perfect for you. You arrive at the bar or the restaurant and you see them sitting there waiting for you, your heart starts to pound deep down in your chest, you can’t believe that they have actually got it right, and here sits the man or woman of your dreams!

And for the first time in your life, you are set. Today has been one of those days where everything just went right for you. Your hair is perfect, you look sharp, you feel confident, you are looking your absolute best and you feel amazing! You make your way over to this person, your eyes meet and the attraction is mutual.

You say hi and they say hi back, you take your seat and know that this is going to be amazing! They say you look great, you smile back with an overwhelming feeling of adrenaline rushing through your body - and then it happens!! The nerves get the better of you and without even realizing it, you open your mouth and let the words pour out everywhere!

It’s not intentional, yet you just can’t stop! You are full of confidence on the outside yet your nervous system is overriding everything, and little do you know that you are unleashing a verbal attack on this poor innocent person. They are sitting there while you give them a brief history of everything!

Now I know that was a pretty detailed example, and as you can probably tell this has happened to me before! And trust me, it doesn’t tend to end well!

But in this situation, I had the tools right. I looked my best, I felt my best, I was on fire! But only in my mind. In actual fact, this poor young girl was getting attacked by my subconscious mind overriding everything, and me being totally oblivious to everything that was happening!

And as crazy as this example sounds I see people do this all the time when it comes to their marketing campaigns. They obsess over getting the right advertising platform, writing the right content, getting their SEO set and their custom audiences created, making sure their pixels are live and their landing pages are looking the best they can!

Trust me, none of this matters if the message isn’t right!

Let me tell you about a good friend of mine, James. James is an affiliate marketer. He started affiliate marketing around the same time I did, and for many years he just couldn’t get his head around everything. He tried it all, thought he knew best, failed, tried again with a different platform, and then failed again. But one thing about James is that he never gave up!

And you know what was the turning point for James? After investing in courses and programs to become an expert in multiple marketing tools. After spending literally thousands of dollars with the Nice Guy Marketers, trying anything to make his company work - he did one simple change that simply changed everything. He got clear on his message.

You see he was promoting various products at various prices, but the one thing he knew about was how to create amazing ClickFunnel pages. He understands Clickfunnels more than anyone I know. And one day we were talking and he said something that I thought was crazy … he said ‘I just the right product Scott, I don’t want to create my own products like you, I don’t have time, but I can create amazing funnels I just don’t understand why I can’t get anyone to click on my ads!’

At this point I said … ‘Well, there is your product! Stop trying to find the product to fit your funnel building skills, use your funnel building skills as the product!’.

Skip forward 6 months and James is killing it online. He is the self-proclaimed ‘Worlds Worst Facebook Advertiser’ which is what drives the bulk of his sales online!

I taught James to stop obsessing over the tool and start obsessing over the message. He took that and translated and evolved it into a brand that teaches people who are great at Facebook Ads to generate more sales through Clickfunnels. He spends his days creating amazing funnels that he gives away on a freemium basis - meaning they have to sign up to a Clickfunnels Free Trial to get the funnel under his affiliate link!

He is still an affiliate marketer. He still doesn’t own any of his own products. He simply makes videos of himself creating amazing funnels, and retargets people who watch those videos with a free funnel purchase!

Get the message right and whatever tool you choose to use in your arsenal will take care of itself.

Whether it’s the poor girl who had to sit through a one hour date with me telling her the time and date I was born up to the business that I was running at the time, or James struggling to get his affiliate programs off the ground and trying everything to just get someone to click on his ad, the message is everything.

And this is why I created The Conversational Marketer Brand. Because this day and age everyone is a Nice Guy Marketer, everyone is an expert, everyone is a guru on some aspect of marketing tool, and no one concentrates on the conversation.

I am the best in the world at what I do. Why? Because when all others are pushing the sale, I am asking my client what they need in order to allow them to buy. It is as simple as that. No one can compete. I have done this from the age of 8 years old when I was selling random items from a paper they gave away for free in my local store. I kept a notebook database of everyone who purchased from me, making note of what they purchased, how much they spent and their contact details. Then when I was looking at what to buy next I would call them up and ask them if they would be interested in the product. If they said yes I would buy it. If they said no I wouldn’t. I was 8 years old using the tools of my mum's telephone and a notebook database and I was killing it.

If I can achieve this with those tools you can achieve greatness with yours. Get the message right and you will never need to worry again.

So I want to thank you so much for chatting with me today and let me know what you think of our talk by leaving me a review below.

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Thanks for chatting with me today, and until the episode - I will catch you in a bit!!


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