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Hey what’s up family, welcome to the very first episode of The Conversational Marketer Podcast!!

I want to personally thank you for checking in with me today and joining the conversation, I have my coffee here with me, I am ready for some serious talk, where today we will be diving deeper into the main subject of this podcast, The Conversational Marketing System.

Let’s Chat About That  …

So it’s kinda crazy that I have a podcast - and even crazier that you are listening to this very first episode! When I think back to just a year ago today I was putting together my very first course under my own name, I had around 30 group members, no students, and I was just starting out on my unbelievable online journey.

Skip forward 12 months and here I am today, Online Course Creator, Coach & Consultant, Author, Live Business Reality Show Host, Public Speaker, and 7,000 students worldwide. All whilst trying to build my own marketing empire, and be a great mentor,  husband to my beautiful wife, and father to my 5 kids. What a ride!!

But guys look, this isn’t the Scott Holroyd Show, this podcast was set up to help you guys to scale your businesses using the power of conversation.

I think that one of the main things that business owners struggle with is that they work for their business, rather than letting their businesses work for them. What I mean by this is that their main focus is working on their discounts and sales, getting people into their list, onto their website, into their sales funnels. Now I am not saying that this is a bad thing, we obviously need an audience, we need leads, or how are we going to get sales?

But what I am saying is that the disconnection with the potential customer is a real worry.

Let’s look at offline businesses. Even here in the UK, although we are not the most openly friendly of people, and we don’t have the US Customer Service traits, we still understand the relationship that needs to be formed when a potential customer walks into a store. We know that this kind of marketing has to be fast paced, straight to the point. I haven’t visited many clothing stores that greet me with their top ‘10 reasons to buy knitwear hoodies’ PDFs as soon as I walk through the door.

What do they do? They have around 60 seconds to make the initial contact, build the first impression, and start the brand experience. I know friends of mine who have been on courses that tell you what kind of music to play in your store, what scent to use, where to position everything and how the store should be laid out. But as much as this is important, nothing is going to match the point in which someone actually comes over to you, greets you with a friendly smile, and simply says ‘Hey there, welcome to the store, how are today?’

Ever since the invention of Symbolic Communication around 1.8 million years ago, we have used this amazing talent to further develop the ways we live our life. Businesses were doing amazingly well back in the 19th Century before there was a capture page asking for your name and email.

So how can we change things up, how can we stop selling to our potential customers and start allowing them to buy? How can we build a relationship with our audience so that the main focus of the product or service is removed, and a pure emphasis is placed on the actual customer requirements? Well to me the answer is so simple, we just talk to them.

Let me ask you a quick question! If someone came to you and asked you to complete some work for them, and let’s say for argument's sake that although this work that they needed doing fell into your remit, it was something related to what you currently do in your business, it differed slightly and it needed an approach that you were not experienced in, would you still do it?

Let me give you an example. Say you’re a Web Designer, you build Wordpress Websites. A customer comes to you and asks you for an amazing E-commerce Website, you love their products, their brand fits with your requirements, they can more than afford your services, but they tell you that they want it built on Magento. They say that before coming to you they had a bad experience with another web design agency, who told them that they could do the work, charged them a high price, but ended up hiring someone else to do the work as they didn’t know how to use Magento. They had a bad experience. So now here they are, in front of you, offering to pay you their money if you agree to build out their Magento e-commerce store.

Would you do it? Would you take their money? Even if you had no experience in what they needed? Hopefully, the answer would be no! But believe it or not, this is such a common story. People who focus on the money, the contract, the job, more than the customer, more than the relationship, more than simply saying “I am so sorry to hear about your previous experience, and I would be able to say that I could do this for you, but being totally honest I have zero experience in what you are asking me to do, so I would have to say no. However, I am happy to reach out to some of my friends in the online communities I am part of and see what recommendations I can get for you if you like?

So as you can see there are two ways that this situation could have gone, all depending on what conversation you decided to have with them.

A phrase that I use a lot of the time is that ‘People don’t buy their way into something, they buy their way out of a situation’. What this means is that if you own an online course or coaching program, or even an agency or consultancy practice, no one is going to give you their credit card details and pay you thousands of dollars just so say that they can say they are working with you or they own your product. They will only make the commitment to pay you for your service if it is going to benefit them. Now how do we know what will or won’t benefit them if we haven’t spoken to them in the first place? Part of the conversational marketing system is based on a concept that I call individual marketing, being able to put systems in place that are not focussed around selling your products and services, but actually connecting with each of your potential customers on an individual basis. Taking them on a journey that is tailored to their precise requirements.

You remember those books you would get as a child that asked you a question, that wanted to know what how you wanted the story to continue. If you choose option A move on to page 132. This is the exact same process. Because having a product and service that we think will work for our clients is not good enough. We need a product and service that our potential customer knows will work for them. And without conversation, we have no idea where they are right now, where they want to be, and what emotional state they are experiencing as a result of the situation they are faced with.

Just because we understand that our target audience may need to lose weight, have a better relationship, generate more leads in their business, make more money online - doesn’t mean that each person will need to achieve this in exactly the same way. You need to understand the difference between static and dynamic marketing - and luckily for you, you’re in the right place.

And through this Podcast I am going to be sharing with you the more more advanced marketing techniques that you can put into your business that will allow you to take the focus away from your product and service and start having real-life conversations the people who are perfect for your offering, hitting them with educational content that will actually help them for the sake of helping them, without pushing the sale, so that your list, your audience, are all your raving fans, which in my opinion is the true definition of potential customers.

So thank you so much for chatting with me today, and let me know what you think of our talk by leaving me a review below.

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Thanks for chatting with me today, and until the episode - I will catch you in a bit!!


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