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Hey what’s up family, welcome to The Conversational Marketer Podcast!!

Thank you so much for checking in with me today and joining the conversation, as always, I have my coffee here with me, and I am ready for some serious talk, where today we will be diving deeper into the main subject of this episode - ‘Content, Content, Content’’

Let’s Chat About That  …

Well, friends, it’s been a few weeks since my last podcast, and already we are in December!! Christmas is just around the corner and little did I know that the Holroyd Family virus was waiting to greet us first.

I’ve been sick, my kids were sick, my wife was sick, the dog was sick - man it’s been crazy. But today I’m feeling much better so I thought ‘What the heck let’s get this show back on the road’

Now although I have been sickly dying for the last two weeks that hasn’t stopped me from creating content. Not one bit. This week saw the launch of 30 Days 30 Campaigns, where throughout December I am creating 30 full campaigns (the chatbot, the Facebook ad, the email autoresponder, the clickfunnels capture pages, and the entire funnel blueprint) and sharing all the templates with you guys so that you can use them in your businesses too.

So far we have done an amazing restaurant campaign, an extremely engaging real estate campaign, and a highly converting gym membership campaign, and we still have 27 more to create for you throughout December.

Plus - starting on the 14th December we are running the LEEAP 12 Days of Christmas, where one lucky LEEAP member will win a full campaign template build of their choice, ending on Christmas Day with the lucky winner receiving a 3 month consultancy package with a tonne of Christmas Presents including a 2018 5K iMac Pro, and so much more

So why am I doing this? Why am I creating the 30 Days concept? Well, let’s break it down. I aks business owners all the time to become clear on what they want to achieve, why they want to achieve it, and how they are going to achieve it.  

The problem with most entrepreneurs is that they lack direction. If I say to you right now … ‘Explain what a typical day would look like in your perfect business’ it wouldn’t be hard to tell me the story.

Yet, if I ask you to then tell me why you want this, and more importantly how are you going to achieve it, the conversation goes south. We don’t know. If we knew we would already be there. WRONG. You do know. This is your story. This is your life. Tell me how you got to this hypothetical world. What did you do to start with? What was the first step you took? But people go blank.

This day and age people expect everything handed to them. The power of the universe - ask and you shall receive. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. And before you Law of Attraction nuts start getting on my case then don’t worry I’m a believer in the power of the universe too, I’m not going against it. But come on, be honest, how many times have you closed your eyes and asked for a lifesize cutout of Zack Effron and within a few seconds the Amazon delivery guy is knocking at your door? For me, this happened this morning, but I have been waiting for this order to arrive for the past two weeks for one of my daughters Christmas presents and it was touch and go!!

But it doesn’t happen. Ask and you shall receive is a load of BS. Ask, work hard, work harder, work even harder, and then receive. Now this works.

So how does this relate to the 30 Days 30 Campaigns I was just talking about. Well, how I create successful businesses is by figuring out where I want to be. What is my perfect day in my perfect business? I can tell you that I want to make LEEAP.io the ClickFunnels of Campaign Creation. LEEAP teaches entrepreneurs how to create a high ticket agency, it shows them how to build the sales and marketing funnels they need to generate a consistent flow of high ticket leads. It promotes the idea of an overall campaign, in addition to the individual funnels required in your sales and marketing.

So I see myself pulling up to my LA office, sharp suit, nice shoes, walking into my building through my large full glass entrance. I see the large glass LEEAP Sign, I look to the left and we have a client waiting area with large leather sofas, tables full of marketing magazines with my articles, awards that either myself or my company has earned. I look to the right and I see the large luxury reception desk, I say hi to the receptionist and ask how their morning has been so far.

I then start walking up the huge open staircase, at the top is the Christmas tree decorated in white, gold and silver baubles and bows. Next to this sits the white baby grand piano that lives at the top of the stairs. I turn to the left and see two large glass doors, frosted glass covering halfway up, and the vinyl LEEAP sign covering the top half.

I open up the doors and the sound hits me. My team on the phones helping clients and students. My tech team editing content, videos, blog posts, social media and more. No one stops doing what they are doing. Some glace over and smile, a few waves, but it’s only me, and they see me every day.

I walk into my office which is split into 4 areas. I have my recording space, I have my seating area for client meetings, I have my desk and all my files, and I have my gym setup. I have large glass windows and I can see for miles and In the distance, I can see the Hollywood sign.

This is my perfect day. It may not be to everyone's liking, but it is my perfect day for a reason. It is my perfect day and not your perfect day because it is my dream and not your dream. And because it’s my dream I know how to get it.

I know how many LEEAP Members I need in order to achieve what I want to achieve. Let’s say that this is 5,000 members so we have a workable figure. Now I know that I cannot run ads and generate 5,000 members, as the cost of this will not allow this number to generate the revenue I need to achieve this dream day.

So what do I do? I do exactly what I did in the old chatbot courses that gained me over 7,500 students. I create content. Every Single Day. No matter what. But what type of content? What content will get me, 5,000 members? Here is the question!

I now have a goad of 5,000 members. On average at the time of this podcast, we have around 10 people per day joining LEEAP. This means at the current rate I would achieve my goal in 500 days - around and year and a half. But I don’t have to wait that long!

And the answer to all of this is content. Any content. Video, podcast, blog, book, mp4, slideshow, pictures, social media posts, emails, whatever you can. It is not the tool, it is the message. And it needs to be daily. I mean every single day without fail.

Then we build the funnels. I need 5,000 members. I have my end product, so I create daily content that drives the viewers of this content to my product. So I create this podcast. I create 30 days 30 campaigns. I write books. I send out USB Sticks with audio versions of my books. I do the work first to feed the funnel and the machine does all the sales for me.

I honestly put out around 100 hrs of content per week. Gary Vee beats me. Why? Because he does 100 hours of content per day. He takes his videos and repurposes them, he takes his audios and repurposes them. He documents his life on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook Stories. Does this make me jealous - not in any way! Because I now know what I need to do to up my game!!

Maybe I’ll send out a podcast a day. Maybe I will create a campaign per day. It makes no difference at all, as long as I am educating, inspiring, training, and helping people every single day by allowing them to consume my content, and I have the framework in place to retarget the people I am helping with my books and podcasts and other traffic generators, and then I am pushing these people over to my main product - then guess what happens? I get my 5,000 members much sooner than I do if I close my eyes and ask the universe to deliver!

And while we are on the subject of my product, why not check out LEEAP.io and start your free 14-day trial. You will get access to some amazing campaign templates and the LEEAP High Ticket Agency Program too.

So I want to thank you so much for chatting with me today and let me know what you think of our talk by leaving me a review below.

If you would like to find out more about how the power of conversation can have a dramatic effect on your business you can pre-order a copy of my latest book ‘Unleash The Power of Conversational Marketing’ over at my website at ScottHolroyd.com

You can also download this entire podcast in written format, join in on the conversation over in the Conversational Marketer Facebook Group and on my ChatBot, PLUS - if you would like to hear more about the subject of today's chat you can join me over on my weekly YouTube Show ‘The Conversational Marketer - Extra Chat’.

Links to all everything mentioned can be found over on my website and in the show notes below.

So thanks for chatting with me today, and until the episode - I will catch you in a bit!!


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